Midwifery care tailored to suit your specific needs throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth & beyond

Gentle Birth Choices
“Gentle birth is not a method or a set of rules that must be followed. Rather, it is an approach to birth that incorporates a woman’s own values and beliefs. Each birth is a powerful experience—sometimes painful, always transformational. Each birth is as unique as the woman giving birth and the baby being born. There is no illustrated owner’s manual. For many women, early social conditioning creates the belief that they are unable to give birth normally. This misconception must be replaced with an understanding of the philosophy of gentle birth and the science behind it. When women realize that their bodies really know how to give birth and that their babies know how to be born, they gain confidence. Only then is a gentle birth a possibility.” (B. Harper – Gentle Birth Choices 2005:12)

When you find out you are pregnant the array of choices confronting you becomes daunting. One of the first choices to make is your caregiver who will share your pregnancy and birth journey—gynae/ GP/ midwife … then you need to decide where you will birth your baby … your birth plan … natural vs. caesarean … pain relief … doula … paediatrician … circumcision … baby clinic …. The decisions made by a parent are only just beginning and you haven’t even made steps towards school yet!

As the saying goes “ if you don’t change direction, you’ll end up where you’re heading. Research your options and exercise them. Become responsible for your care. Probably the most important decision you make, is the caregiver you choose. If you feel you can discuss the most personal of issues with your caregiver, and that who you are and the things you find important for your birth are important to them, then where you have your baby will be secondary.

In South Africa if you have access to private healthcare the birthing cultural norm is to visit your GP for a pregnancy test and then attend your gynae for pregnancy and birth. However, for a healthy woman with a normal pregnancy and desiring a natural birth, a midwife or family doctor is perhaps a better choice (Enkin: A guide to effective care in pregnancy and childbirth 2002:22).

Women come to choose midwifery care and/or homebirth for a variety of reasons. Some feel deeply that birth is a natural event and want little or no intervention – a choice made long before falling pregnant. Others desire a change – a chance to heal from a previous birth experience or to have the kind of birth they have dreamed of. Some seek privacy and others want family involvement. Others still, have a desire for a different kind of care … that something has been lacking. What makes midwifery care truly special is the value we place on connecting with a woman and her family to offer a deeper level of care. However you have come to consider a midwife, I look forward to meeting you and discussing all the options available to you.

Midwife = ‘with woman’

With Woman

A baby costs more than anything else on earth. Your love, your life.

Helen Thomson

Why choose a midwife?

  • Pregnancy and birth seen as normal life events
  • Personalised and intimate care
  • Information provided to empower you to make informed choices
  • No waiting for appointments
  • More time during antenatal visits allowing you to be heard
  • No unnecessary interventions
  • Option to labour and/or birth at home
  • Continuous support throughout labour and birth