Birth Services

Midwifery care tailored to suit your specific needs throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth & beyond

I’ll carry your first cry with me everywhere I go

‘I’ll carry your first cry with me everywhere I go’.

Paula D’Arcy

  • The privacy of your own environment
  • One-to-one care
  • Family involvement as you choose
  • Freedom to move, eat and drink, labour and birth as you choose
  • Your own routine
  • Your own food and bed
  • Baby stays with you

Provided you have a low-risk pregnancy and fulfill the criteria for homebirth, you may choose to deliver your baby in the comfort of your own home. Both you and your baby will be monitored during labour. Equipment is provided for birth, suturing of tears, managing haemorrhage as well as for possible resuscitation of baby and/or mother.

A second midwife is present to assist should any complications arise. Backup cover is planned prior to birth in case there is a need for medical assistance in hospital. Should it become necessary to transfer into hospital, you will be accompanied into hospital and managed there by your midwife unless circumstances or hospital policy necessitate handing over care to a doctor. You may choose to have her remain in a support role.

Following birth at home, you will be assessed for a minimum of two hours and your midwife will leave once you and baby have been examined and are stable. A home visit is done within 12-24 hours of birth with at least 2 additional visits to ensure you and your baby are adapting well. A final check is done at six weeks postpartum.

Babies are such a nice way to start people ‘Babies are such a nice way to start people!’.

Don Herold

Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a baby is born.

‘Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a baby is born.’.

George Bernard Shaw

  • One-to-one care with a known attendant
  • First stage monitoring at home for as long as possible
  • Personalised care during labour and birth
  • The security of hospital without transfer
  • Freedom to choose your birth position
  • No unnecessary intervention
Hospital Birth

First-time mothers and those clients wanting the security of a hospital may have a midwife-assisted birth at Greenacres Maternity Unit.

You can choose to stay at home for most of the first stage of labour and be intermittently monitored there and then accompanied to hospital when you are ready. Your midwife will remain with you once you are in established labour and will monitor your progress and deliver your baby.

Birth with a midwife is for the client wanting an active, natural birth usually without medical pain relief. You will be accommodated in your choice of birthing position and will be consulted before any interventions are undertaken. After birth, you will be settled and assisted with your first breastfeeding before being left in the capable hands of the hospital midwives.

If your condition permits, you may be discharged early from hospital and your care continued at home. At least 3 postnatal visits are done to ensure you and your baby’s well-being.

Such tiny hands to hold our hearts forever ‘Such tiny hands to hold our hearts forever’.

Pam Brown

In every work the beginning is the most important part, especially in dealing with anything so young and tender.

‘In every work the beginning is the most important part, especially in dealing with anything so young and tender.’


  • Emotional support to you and your partner
  • Continuous reassurance with a known attendant
  • Independent of hospital and health care provider
  • Demystifying the birth process
  • Reducing your stress
Labour support / Doula

Should you wish to deliver in hospital with your own doctor you may request doula (non-clinical) support for you and your partner during labour and birth. A doula package includes two antenatal visits to discuss your birthing plan; labour & birth support; initial breastfeeding assistance; and two postnatal visits to help with your adjustment to motherhood.

During labour you will be visited at home and accompanied to hospital. A doula assists with breathing techniques and natural pain relief measures such as positioning, movement and massage. You will receive information to help make informed decisions throughout labour and birth. Any interventions would be explained to you. Clinical decision-making rests with your primary care-giver. You may choose to have a doula for an induction or caesarean section birth.

After birth, your doula would stay for an hour or two to help with breastfeeding and settle you into the postnatal ward. Two postnatal visits are done, one in hospital and one at home.

Monitrice (clinical) services are offered for first-stage monitoring at home before admission to hospital.

Helping him to help you. Helping him to help you.