Birth Pool Hire

Inflatable birth pools for pain relief in labour or for birthing. May be used at home or in hospital. There are two pools available – La Bassine and Electra. Supplied with accessory kit to fill & empty pool & disposable personal liner.


  • Oval inflatable pool
  • Deep blue in colour to enhance privacy and induce relaxation
  • Dimensions:
    • External: 165 cm x 135 cm
    • Internal: 125 cm x 95 cm
    • Inflatable floor – 7.6cm thick
    • Depth: 65cm – deep enough to cover belly
    • Capacity 450l water at 80% full
  • Long enough to stretch out and narrow enough to push against with your feet
  • 2 Internal handles to assist in position change and to grab when pushing
  • Built-in vertical I-beam gives firmness to the wall, while also acting as a fail-safe mechanism in the event of puncture
  • Cocoon-like shape to provide an intimate space yet with plenty of room to move, without over-taxing your hot water system
  • Provided with a custom fit liner to protect the pool. A personal disposable liner is available for your hygiene


  • Round inflatable pool
  • Bright blue in colour with white rim
  • Dimensions:
    • External: 152 cm diameter x 54 cm deep
    • Inflatable waffle floor for comfort
  • Capacity 300 litres water
  • Sides of double I-beam construction allow one to sit on the edge without collapsing pool
  • Provided with a custom fit liner to protect the pool. A personal disposable liner is available for your hygiene


Accessories Kit supplied in sturdy plastic tote with attached hinged lid containing:

Personal Waterbirth Disposable Accessories Kit:

  • Personal disposable liner – plastic liner for hygiene (single-use only)
  • Debris net – to remove solid matter from pool (single-use only)
  • 500g salt – to top-up – provides an isotonic solution – better for baby if aspirated
  • Cloth, gloves – for cleaning pool before and after use (single-use only)
  • Cleaning solution in spray bottle for decontaminating pool and accessories

Waterbirth Accessories Kit:

  • Electric air pump – to inflate pool within minutes, also deflates pool
  • Submersible water pump – to empty pool
  • 10m Food grade hoses – for filling and emptying pool
  • Tap connectors – to connect filling hose to tap (a variety available)
  • Extension cord and 2-pin adapter – for submersible pump
  • Floating thermometer – to monitor water temperature
  • Patch kit – in case of puncture
  • Underwater torch – to assist in visualising birth in darkened room
  • Handheld mirror – to assist in visualising birth in darkened room
  • Detailed instructions to set up, fill and empty birth pool.
  • Cleaning instructions for safe reuse.

How to hire a birth pool:

  • To reserve a birth pool for your birth please email your due date and contact information to:
  • You will be provided with a reservation form and banking details
  • A completed reservation form and refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation
  • Pool hire is for a period of 2 weeks from 38 to 40 weeks and can be extended if baby is late
  • The rental amount is required before you collect your birth pool at 38 weeks
  • Pool hire is to mothers in Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas that are able to collect the kit