Birthing Ball Hire

You need balls for labour - Tina Otte

  • More comfortable than sitting on a chair or lying on bed
  • Absence of a backrest allows for massage of your back
  • Swaying and rocking encourages pelvis to widen
  • Maximizes gravity to assist baby to descend
  • Encourages baby’s head to exert even pressure on the cervix speeding dilation
  • Can be used as a kneeling support for labour & birth
Use in labour

Birthing balls are an excellent tool for promoting natural birth and healthy pregnancies. They can be used for sitting, playing and exercising.

Two sizes are available:

· 65 cm (moms shorter than 1.7m)
· 75 cm (moms taller than 1.7m)

A birthing ball is great for relieving discomfort during pregnancy. It provides a firm, yet soft place to sit. It also forces good posture, allowing for decreased straining of your muscles, particularly towards the end of pregnancy. Good posture allows more room for baby which encourages correct positioning before birth.

During labour the ball assists you in moving freely and changing position – being upright improves blood flow to the placenta and prevents foetal distress. Gravity is maximized which improves foetal descent in labour. This in turn causes the baby’s head to put pressure on the cervix speeding up dilation.

When moms are learning to squat the birth ball can help them achieve this without the need for a partner. Simply by placing the birth ball on the wall and then leaning with it against your shoulder blades you can learn to squat and gently ease into it, without fear of falling and no partner required!

Use after pregnancy

Birthing balls are a great tool for calming your baby. Rocking and gentle bouncing on the ball while holding baby help to soothe and calm baby whilst providing you with support.

You can also place your baby on the ball. Fussy babies benefit from the gentle pressure on the tummy to relieve tummy ache.