Pregnancy Services

Midwifery care tailored to suit your specific needs throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth & beyond

Having A Child

‘Yes, having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit’.
Bill Cosby

  • Unhurried
  • Discussion
  • Home visits
  • Personalised care and education
  • Family involvement
Antenatal Care

Antenatal consultations last 30-45 minutes, are unhurried & allow plenty of time for discussion. Home visits are also offered. At least one home visit is done at about 36 weeks to orientate myself before your birth. Consultations are scheduled monthly until 28 weeks, 2 weekly to 36 weeks and weekly until birth.

During consultations your blood pressure is checked and urine tested. Your baby’s growth is assessed and the heartbeat is checked with a foetal Doppler. Blood tests are done when necessary and you are referred for ultrasound scans (important ones at about 12 and 22 weeks). I recommend you visit your backup doctor at least twice during pregnancy.

Antenatal education is incorporated into your visits and will provide you with good evidence-based knowledge which will help you to make informed decisions throughout your care. Subjects discussed include, breastfeeding, natural forms of pain relief during labour, positions during labour, birth planning, care of the newborn baby and much, much more. You can make use of the book and video library.

Dads And Siblings
Dads and siblings are welcomed during visits!